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01 b3000 DS Offroad Lifts?

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Hi guys my name is Bob. I drive a 90 Miata with 60k miles on it that is mildly stances (coil overs and sway bars). My dad has what I believe is an 01 b3000 Dual Sport. I'll check later to make sure. There are a lot of off-road trails where I live and in their current condition I don't think I need a dedicated 4x4 for them. The B should do just fine with a few upgrades.
I'm thinking
Tubular front bumper
Moderate lift kit
33x12.5 tires

I don't know much about these trucks but supposedly it's identical to the ranger? I was also wondering what rear end it has and if it has a locker. Help point me in the right direction! Thanks!
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