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Escalade front end swap

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JonBunyan   +1y
New to the boards here guys and on a the hunt to do the first gen escalade swap on my 98 k1500. I see kits available online but not huge fan of the price plus the shipping and exchange on top of that. My question is the parts I see listed online for the swap, are they all parts I can just order from a bodyshop/parts store? If I walked in an said I need these parts etc from a first gen escalade will they all just bolt onto the truck? Would really appreciate insight and even a walkthrough for this kind of endevour.

guilty by design   +1y
The parts at your dealer will work 100% and are actually better than the kits being sold in the mags. The dealer headlights wont turn yellow in a years time. The mags will be a little cheaper (obviously) but you get what you paid for. Youll need the fenders, hood, lights, bumper, and core support.
simple-pleasurez   +1y
you dont need the core support. mine bolted to my stock. everything was bolt on except my bumper. i didnt like the way it sat stock so i welded it where i wanted it. but the stock escalade bumper will work no problems.
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