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AUTOLOC \  Really need help with door popper kit!!

Really need help with door popper kit!!

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e96eclipse   +1y
I bought a kit off of a guy and it didnt have a box or instrustions. By looking at the wires and poppers the kit has never been installed. The problem that im having is before i install and do all the mods to the car... I hooked main power wire and ground up to my battery and hit my buttons just to figure out which wires are what and i get nothing.. I took a test light and started testing wires and im getting power to the little control box but nothing coming out when im hitting the buttons on the remotes. Kit had sat around for awhile so i tryed putting brand new batteries in but that didnt make a difference either. There is no light on the box so i cant tell if it actually sending signal or not. Is there a pattern or sequence i can try? Maybe the remotes need to be resequenced? The only thing that is on the control box is a little "Valet" button. Im in a time crunch and need to get this done. Anyones help with be greatly appreciated. Im posting a link to what i think might be the same kit it looks identical. Let me know thanks
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sparage   +1y
I believe all the outputs are negative outputs to trigger a external relay to power your poppers. Also on mine i had to use the valet button and press a button on the remote at the same time or something like that. You'll need the directions i would say. Doesn't it have a model number on the circuit board if you take the plastic cover off?
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stickboy   +1y
i have had trouble in the past with brains and remotes.... if it has the option to wire it to the lights on the vehicle to make them flash when you pop the door..... you will definately need the instructions.
you have to do certain sequences to program the remote so and you have to hold certain buttons on the remote to program certain functions.
thats what you get when you buy an open kit from some one else thats probably the reason that person didnt have it installed on their vehicle most likely they couldnt figure it out.....
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