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AUTOLOC \  Using a OEM-Window-Crank-Switch for door solenoid..

Using a OEM-Window-Crank-Switch for door solenoid..

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bagged95s10   +1y
Yea just wire it to a relay that powers the soleniod
Could even make down pop the drivers and up pop the pass. Side
Or whatever
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thacru78   +1y
I'm sure you could. But I'm not sure I'd want my door popper connected to such an easily hitable switch like a door handle. I could just see myself hitting it with my leg and the door coming open. Just a thought.
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I've thought of that too. But it will look more fitting to the basic setup I'm doing on the interior. My do a cut off switch somewhere.

The aluminum pull handle will get replaced with factory style armrests.
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TooLowSdime   +1y
yeah you can wire them up to the doors. what i would probley do would make the switches not work when the ign is on. it would be a little inconvenient but it would be much better then popping a door open while your driving. it would be eazy to wire it like that with a relay. just know that if you use the window crank switch only use them to control relays. the micro switches in them can't handle that much power flowing through them and will fail after some time if you run the power for the popper though them. hopefully that all makes sence. i could write up a wiring diagram if needed.
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That's the plan Matt. There's a reason I have the paddles hidden on the driver side on the toy and the switches on the left side of the dash. I'm also going to do a lockout on the switchbox since they tend to get their hands on that while driving.

Thanks for all the input guys.
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