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Autoloc door popper kit

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93fullsize   +1y
Hey guys. I installed an autoloc door popper kit on my truck and I got a question. It came with 8 channels and I am only a 2 door so I am wanting to use the remaining channels to control bags and maybe some other stuff. I did this on my honda with another kit from summit and I was able to wire in right off the un used channels. The problem I am running into is the output on the remaining channels of the autoloc kit does not seem to be high enough to control a standard 5 pin relay. I checked the output with my ohm meter and it seems to be only putting out 500ma. (I think thats right. lol!) From what I can tell with a standard relay it takes 1 amp or more to ignite them. Am I doing something wrong or is there a special relay I need to be using? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I moved this to the autoloc forum that way someone from Autoloc may see it.
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Ron_autoloc   +1y
Hey Chad,
Shoot me an Email and I'll get you hooked up. Got some questions on how your wiring it.
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TooLowSdime   +1y
it will control a 5 pin relay. basicly how you'll wanna set it up is run 12volts to pin 30 you'll wanna run at least a 10gauge wire. those poppers pull pretty hard. then from pin 87 run a 10 gauge wire out to the popper. then run a jumper wire from pin 30 to pin 86. that will give the positive to the coil to trip the relay. then whatever channel you are using run to 85 so that when the button is pressed it will send out that 500ma gound out put and energize the coil in the relay. allowing the power hooked up to post 87 to connect with 30 and make the popper work with out the power going through the brain. something else i would say is good to do is run a ground wire from the popper to inside the car. sometimes you don't get a good ground signal through the door jam. just run it through the boot and ground it to the cab of the truck. i can walk ya though it if you need. i used to be the head tech guy at autoloc. hope this helps.

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