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Memories of Courtney 'Tito' Halowell

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Mulligan   +1y
To help remember Tito and all he has done for us, we are asking for everyone to share their favorite memory/moment with Courtney. We will be printing as many as we can in the next magazine issue. You can reply here or email at Hi res photos are also needed, please send any and all.
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speedylowz   +1y
I first met Tito back in 98 @ THW. He came up to us & said Hello ther u guys wanna be on the Cover of Minitruckin, we were like o hell yeah, he said if ya can juz hang around i can make it happen for ya'll, not 10 minutes after that aprrox 20-30 Minis are getting lined up then With one loud Tito voice will satnding in the back Of Lonnie's big ford he yelled aright let's make this like a show everybody fill in like specatator's!! I musta thanked him at least 5 times for giving me the oppurtunity to become part of a bigger picture that day!!! At that moment i experienced a guy that would go out his way to make sure a Lil fella such as myself would forever carry the amount of pride,respect,& dedication in Life & the Scene/Lifestyle/Brotherhoo?d/Family THAT I NOW CALL//NC\\
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GraphicDisorder   +1y
Sent you a story that touched me, and some pictures. Can't wait to see the issue bro.
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BAD_INC   +1y
At ITB a few years ago, about 8-10 of us, led by Tito, decided to "borrow" a piece of wall art (tin) from an eating establishment. We all huddled up to block the view while Tito stuck it under his shirt. As we were all walking out, still in the huddle under the watchful glare of the manager, the tin fell out of his shirt and hit the floor causing a huge clatter. We all ran out laughing our heads off.

Man, do I miss that guy!!!
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Shane S   +1y

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chriscouto   +1y
courtney taught me how to play thumper, a drinking game , way back in 1989 when he was in class act and i was in groung control. i was just walking around the bakersfield fair grounds whe he and some of his friends hit me up tp play this drinking game and then we proceeded to get drunk together. i have been friends with him ever since going to albertos taco in s.d and running in to him at various events. he was the first person to shoot my 63 chevy while it was being built and the first pics of it when it was done.he was very influencial in me building my truck and always fun to be around he will be missed.
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SSM-BobHase   +1y
I know I have said this a few times before but working with Courtney at Street Trucks was always an adventure. We would get ready for a road trip it always seemed that the Captain was ahead of us and we would try and catch him on the way to Heat Wave. Courtney would drive all night just to say we got there first. One night on the way back I was driving threw Phoenix there was a construction going on the speed limit signs that were flashing said 55 MPH. Courtney was asleep he woke up and looked at me and said why are you driving so slow I said construction zone Courtney. Then is when it happened Courtney gave me my nickname in the middle of the night in Phoenix. He even called the Captain and said Bob Hase has a nickname Captain. The Captain said what is it Tito Double Nickel. The Captain said why Double Nickel Courtney replied because all these cars are passing us and he is doing 55. So every time I would see Courtney or the Captain they called me Double Nickel. Last time I went to Texas Mex I was talking to Courtney after I got back he said I hear you went to Tex Mex I said yes. Courtney said to me so Double Nickel who drove I told him I did Courtney laughed a said did you leave 6 days early. I told him no I actually got up to 85 Courtney looked at me and said no way Double Nickel. I sure do miss those times of doing all night drives talking about nothing important and just hanging out. I now will cherish the nickname that I got from Courtney and I will never forget that night in Phoenix.
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BK2LIFE   +1y
i have memories of when Courtney lived here in phx. many of you old timers will remember that time frame, but the new guys wont.

anyways, there are too many memories to pic just one, and it sucks knowing He told me He'd shoot my truck for a feature and i will never see that day.

ill be at WCN wearing my "I've met Wyatt Strange" tee-shirt
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Back in 95 must have been Endless. At the NC camp. Too much jungle juice. Wife decided to let it rip on my leg. Tito looks at her and said 'Did you just throw up on Jim?" She responded back, I didn't throw up I just coughed. Every time he saw her after that he'd stop and tell her please don't cough on me or watch out I'm about to cough.

Reso 96. AoN was having some issues and he said go back and save it because it's a name he didn't want to go away. Showed what kind of person he was. Wanted everyone to do well just not himself or just his club.

I picked up the Jimbacca name after the WCC show late 90's, when they were in Torrance or whatever they were calling that part of the street. Wore a tank top that day. Back at his old pad with captain and some others. Damn Jim you are hairy. That's it you are now Jimbacca.

Great guy. Tons of fun to chat with and be around.
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