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New to hydraulics!

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Banks Money   +1y
I'm new to hydraulics and this site but, I don't know much about them and have yet to find another 2000 Ford Expedition with hydraulics. What should I run for pump, how many batteries and what interior modifications are needed for hydraulics?
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leydbck   +1y
At the very least you will want 2 pumps 4 dumps. As for batteries it depends on what you plan on doing with it, you need at least 24v though, I have 2 Kinetik HC1800's on my accord wagon and I am just raising and lowering and thery seem to be doing just fine.
As for interior modifications...Well that depends on a lot of things. My interior is 99.9% stock, All I have had to do is drill some holes here and there to run some lines. You have an SUV so the rear will need some modification. It really all depends on how the rear suspension gets set up.
Contact Jeremy at Dice Suspension/Tre5 Customs, he has a lot of hydraulic/install experience and good products as well.
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juicedwagon   +1y
Well you wont be the first, sorry to say. My expedition in a 2000 as well. I have a two pump six dump Hydroholics setup running 24v. I originally set it up for 36v but the Accuair Elevel didn't like the lift speed, 24v is much better. I'm running the Kinetik HC1800 batteries and they are doing great. Let me know if you have any questions about the expedition, I'm down to help get another expedition on juice.
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ticketmagnet123   +1y
I just signed up for this site, so I'm new. I case across this and wonder if you still looking for help deciding a hydraulic's setup. If you still need help, repost, reply and/or message me.
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