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LH and RH thread on 4 link bars

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I noticed most places only sell right hand threaded bushings studs. Is there a reason and do most people just use right hand thread on both ends of their link bars? To find a left hand tap bolt is pretty difficult and pricey especially once you get up into a 3/4-16 or bigger.
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jaredmxg   +1y
Most people weld one end solid ,so it becomes unnecessary to adjust the length, by twisting the bar. Plus once the initial setup, you really shouldn't adjust the rods anyways. If you are looking for places that sells LH rod ends check out. or for Heim joins check out,
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Thanks. I just figured if you used threaded on each end you would have double the adjustability. I do get that once it's built it should just be fine tuning so one side should have enough adjustment. I was just thinking about being over cautious lol.
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juicedwagon   +1y
I use LH and RH on tie rods but not link bars.
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guiltybydesign   +1y
LH and RH threads arent necessarily used for double adjustability, moreso just for the ease of adjusting the length without disassembly.
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