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Kinetic battery shelf life

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juicedwagon   +1y
Hello, I have a question for some of you that have delt with the Kinetic brand batteries. I have had some for about 4-5 years and have yet to use them. they have been on and off the battery tender and the longest they have been off is one month. Reason I ask is I've heard the Kinetics don't have the best shelf life. Do you think I am OK with these batteries or should I start looking for something else. Thank you.
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jaredmxg   +1y
I would run them till they wear out, but I am curious about that as well.
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leydbck   +1y
I don't know if this will help. A friend of mine has one of the smaller Kinetik's in his truck camper. The camper gets used maybe once a year. He has had the same Kinetik in it for about 5 years. All they have to do is hook up a charger the night before they plan to use it and it is good to go. He said it has always fully charges, stays charged and never gives them an issue.
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juicedwagon   +1y
That's what I think I will do Jared, I just hope they're good for a while because I have to build new battery racks for them. Chan, thank you for that info, makes me feel a lot better about spending the time to build new racks, my old racks were for Optima group 34's and they are a bit smaller than the new batteries.
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