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How to post pics?

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Todsmack avatar
Todsmack   +1y
I've tried adding pics to my build but I can not figure it out
The major avatar
The major   +1y
It has been a while since I've used it but it should be as simple as clicking on the button with the camera logo on it right next to the comment box and just browsing your computer for the saved pictures. I hope that helps.
stillworkin avatar
stillworkin   +1y
it gives me trouble too, it will sit there and process the picture, the text will say 100% complete but the image never actually uploads. I end up having to close the internet window completely in order to go back to look at other posts.
leydbck avatar
leydbck   +1y
I just used this system for the first time, everything worked great except it put 2 pics out of order.
truck action avatar
truck action   +1y
I up loaded coverage of my first two shows ,over 500 photo's & don;t see them up yet???Forbidden Fantasy is a very big show & peps sould see it here before in magazines!!
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