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Under Appreciated Speedy Cars

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kwik   +1y
Some rides didn't get the credit they deserve when new, or were once well known and have become forgotten in the interim. Like the Blown 312 Y block '57 Fairlanes, that had the kind of power FE V8 Mustangs only had a decade later. What other cars would you add?
truck action avatar
truck action   +1y
Cool car, I have never seen one of these at the many car shows I go to!!
jaredmxg avatar
jaredmxg   +1y
that is pretty neat. I don't think I have ever seen a turbine like that.
stillworkin avatar
stillworkin   +1y
that looks fierce!
jeebus @ mmw avatar
jeebus @ mmw   +1y
That is pretty rad!
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