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jaredmxg   +1y
I was thinking about some of the reasons why most ppl are on FB its because there is an interactive page where post update in short form. When you have a friend and they add to their build you have to click on their topic and scroll all the way to the end to see what has been going on. On FB as soon as they post something new it gos into your news feed without all the previous stuff. Though you can click on their page and see the previous build section
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jaredmxg   +1y
Sorry I meant to add. You can add a tab at the top that is like FB where it only shows your added friends post opened up, to where you can scroll down on the page and see mini pictures of what they post, not the whole long form of the forum.
Meaning when they post in a forum it will show on there short form page.
I know is prob allot of script writing but I think it would be a good addition to the site.
What do y'all think?
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guiltybydesign   +1y
There was a problem with SSM when kris redid it a few years back in that people complained it felt too much like Facebook. Just me personally I don't understand everyones rush while on the internet. You log on, and if anything has been posted recently it shows up on the main page and you can go to it from there. Some forums have an option to just go to the first unviewed post in that particular thread, I think that would be a good addition here for those who like the quick approach.
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baha   +1y
Yeah it will be hard to do a one size fits all solution, but I like this idea, maybe we can have something similar.
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jaredmxg   +1y
yeah I think its more of catering to the fast pace people of today. I know when the threads were very busy back in the day I would spend quite a bit of time searching for what some one posted earlier that day. If they were on your friends list you could just scroll down on the feed and find it.
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droppedmitsu   +1y
at the very least we need a "View new posts/topics since last visit" link. Every forum should have this link
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truck action   +1y
I agree with the last reply!
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