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guiltybydesign   +1y
We want to have a monthly profile on somebody in the scene, could be a builder, business, show promoter, or that one guy everyone knows from a show. Post up your suggestions and we will get going on this new SSM feature,
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22below   +1y
that one guy that everyone knows from a
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choptopjimmy   +1y
whats is name from low life video not ernie the other guy whos suppose to have the last dvd shown on youtube. builder/business laos kustoms from iowa they build some nice stuff. also maybe little shop as an update of whats in the shop, whats going on with the blazer, etc also mmw control arms i forget his name but if i remember right he use to be on here and had a sick mazda,
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guiltybydesign   +1y
Great suggestions. Anyone else?
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The major   +1y
mike alexander, or any of the other editors from mini truckin. Just curious to what they moved onto and what led to the downfall
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jeebus @ mmw   +1y
This could be a great idea, as long as it does not get to "Clubby" like the mags used to. I would love to hear what people think about the current state of everything.
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choptopjimmy   +1y
i doubt we will really get any info on why mini truckin magazine went under besides the fact the magazine itself along with its sister publications all were purchased and sold multiple times in a 3-5 year period. magazines are considered a dying thing along with newspapers. also the recession and economy didnt help. however the other reason why you probably wont hear any hot gossip details is i believe alexander is working for the company still i could be wrong. however i know mata is . as for the assistant editors, chad ernie etc. i dont think you will get much once again i could be very wrong however chad last i heard is in idaho playing soccer and lifting weights, wish i knew what happened to his pathfinder. and ernie well hes pres of no regrets however i think he left mt also before the collapse by a year or two. once again i could be wrong most of the things ive spoken of are things ive read and or stumbled accross on the internet and it is not always an accurate source so the info i posted could be very wrong.
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choptopjimmy   +1y
maybe a shop profile on new shops, and old ones maybe two shops per month one new and one old. im sure there are plenty of shops that have been around years if not decades and plenty of new ones.

perhaps fabrication tips from guilty by design and mmw, hell maybe even have the older shops show some fabrication tricks. im sure all fabricators have their own tricks of the trade that they do daily or monthly that perhaps not everybody else does or maybe its just a different way with the same. results.

maybe a monthly give away say for active users ssm gear, or free sponsored products from some company im sure eastwood or jegs or hell maybe avs or somebody would provide something for a raffle once a month.
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guiltybydesign   +1y
All great suggestions guys! These are all things we are planning on doing whenever Rob gets more time to work on SSM, but the biggest boost we could get is users frequenting the site and posting up. It could be something your working on, a show your planning on attending, anything.
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truck action   +1y
I go on this site every day,sometimes more than once!
I just posted up the flyers for the first 11 shows on my 2015 list.