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Expidition front clip swap

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joseph.hussey   +1y
I want to put the front clip from a 2007 expedition on my 2001 scab can anybody help with this. I joined this forum because one of the users did this. Please some body help I have been wracking my brain trying to gather info on this conversion. Please just email me the response to
maz duh   +1y
Hit up Jeremy from Tre5 customs, he did the swap on the front of his old Ford. Street Trucks ran a tech article detailing the installation as well, idk the exact issue but I think it was in 2011 sometime. I will check my magazine pile when I get home later and see if i can find it for you.
tre5   +1y
The tech article was in the issue with Travis' "Fast Lane" Ford F100 on the cover. It was also the Tribute to Courtney issue, if that helps.
The point of a forum is to share info on the forum, not to email privately, lol.
It was a 90% bolt on procedure. The only cutting and welding needed was for the front bumper brackets. The fenders do need to have washer installed between the factory fender support and the new fender, about 1/2" at the front to about 1/8" at the door. The hood and core support are a direct bolt on, but the plastic filler piece between the grill and the core support will not work. I'd post more pics, but my computer was wiped clean by a virus a year ago or so.
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jasondragthatshit   +1y
That was a clean truck
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