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Why cant I sell this truck?

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I have had the Tre5 F150 I bought a year ago up for sale on craigslist since the beginning of the year almost! I would love to free up some cash so I can dump it into finishing my Excursion. But I get no emails, no texts, no calls (wait I got one from a dealership tonight). ONE low ball offer, 3 terrible trade offers, that's it! hahahaha Why!?
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Its a great truck, no issues. Drive it everyday to work. Yea it has a lot of miles, yea the paint sucks on the doors. But its a pretty great daily, best I have had. Anyway, why?
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22below   +1y
Yea I don't know how to post pics on this site, ugh.
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cookiemonster13   +1y
post some pics, figure it out, and I don't think craigslist is the right location for a sale. I would put it in some national traders even dupontregistry if you want to pay. if you want to sell it fast throw it on eBay and let it go.
why can't you sell your truck "cos ni**as be broke these days" (think SMOKEY from Friday the movie).
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i have no clue how much your asking but if your getting no offers your probably asking way too much
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LOL asking $8900 obo, but like I said, no lowball offers either. It was in this/last months Street Trucks issue.
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its def. because of the paint. put yourself in a buyers shoes , what is the expected cost to repaint ? its a shame really, but thats the reality.GLWS
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YUH8IN96   +1y
no offense it is a very nice well built truck but who ever buys this truck is gonna have to dump some cash into on top of buying it dude, and now a days ppl just want buy something an do the least possible to it.
I do wish you the best with selling it tho