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Exhaust options for my Tahoe. Need small and quiet.

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clemsontravis14   +1y
I am winding down on my Tahoe build and it is time to figure out what mufflers to run. It is a 99 4 door 5.7L that is stock floored.

I have room for roughly a 4" thick muffler but it'd be nice to find a 3.5". Does anyone know of a company that makes a performance type muffler in 3.5" thickness? I'd also like a "quiet, kind of close to stock" sound.

Who's running what? Are you happy with it? What do you guys recommend?
lunatiksblazer   +1y
Do you have to put the mufflers on the seat of the Tahoe or could you put the mufflers under cargo area.

If you have the room back there it will be quieter because its further away and you probably could get a larger can in there too.
clemsontravis14   +1y
They are going to have to fall under the rear seats roughly.

I see that Dynomax makes some quiet flow mufflers in 3.25" thickness. That is probably the direction I will go.
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