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air on hydro cylinders

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devilx   +1y
how hard would it be to run air on hydro cylinders? I would like to think it wouldn't be hard at all but everytime i think something is easy, it turns out to be more complicated. i bought my truck with hydraulics and now I want to switch air. I really don't want to reweld a bunch of brackets. I would like to think it wouldn't take much air pressure to move a cylinder. If i'm wrong, someone please enlighten me. thanks
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20runner   +1y
There is not enough volume inside a hydraulic cylinder to use air. It would take insane amount of pressure to lift. You can probable do like 4 cylinders at each corner and it might lift up with 200psi......
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devilx   +1y
yeah i realized it when i remembered that the pump pushes something like 3300psi. Thanks anyway
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lolumbr   +1y
You could use a bag to push fluid back and forth between two cylinders. Seen it a few times and it works great.. Benefits of hydraulic cylinders with the ride of air suspension
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layedouton22z   +1y
any place i could see some pics of this????
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