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bdsonoma   +1y
This year I finally got my Intros, Vista 2 with satin centers. My question is, how do I clean the satin portion? The rims and other parts polish great, but if I get polish on the centers, it gets them black. No matter what, it always leaves the centers with a black hase. I can clean it with a soft tooth brush and some glass cleaner, but it doesn't get it all off. Any suggestions would be great.
Rob Clayhill   +1y
I'd say the best answer your going to get is by calling Intro themselves... They never hesitate to answer any of my ?'s.
BabyYouWish   +1y
Man this problem plagued me and a guy in my club for a little while. We tried regular polish at first and it turned the wheels black and we both FREAKED out!!!!

We called Intro and they told us Brake Cleaner would do the trick. We were hesitant at first, but sure enough, the satin part of the wheels came back to life with a little bit of brake cleaner.

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bdsonoma   +1y
Awsome!! thanks for the reply... i did call intro today, but no answer. thank you both for the reply. ya i would think that brake clean would be way to harsh!! but ill do that tonight.
juicedwagon   +1y
I was also wondering this because I just got some new billets with satin portions also. Thank you for that information Matt, it helps a lot.
bagged95s10   +1y
tape the satin off with 3M green 3/4" tape, then touch up with CPC brake clean after the polishing..
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