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Wheel Questions \  semis on a brand new duramax 3500?

semis on a brand new duramax 3500?

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bigjon   +1y
I have a really good friend that bought a 2012 Chevy 3500 dually and whats to put on American Force 24" but the dealership told him it would screw up the truck. Something about fuel system. Now he is scared to put rims on and I was wondering if anyone has heard of such a thing? I mean i could see the tmps system showing a fault of something but shutting the truck down? any insight would be greatly appreciated!
The stRangeR   +1y
my Buddy had that truck but a 2009 and he had so many other problems with it especially those exhaust brakes, transmission, and fuel system that i dont think rims woulda made a difference..he finally traded it in for a dodge..fixed all those problems..doubt that really helped but good luck
bigjon   +1y
that's basically what the dealership told him happened to the last one they saw with 24" on it. I'm just trying to reassure him that putting on rims isn't gonna effect anything?
Lockone   +1y
I sell our Semi wheel conversions directly to numerous Dealerships for Ford, Dodge, and Chevy/GMC and have never heard of one complaining about a fuel system problem with wheels. However it may lower or raise your fuel consumption pending the overall diameter of the wheels you are running.
sandog   +1y
mht had some pretty sick dually wheels at sema, direct bolt 22s and 24s, no adapters needed. and we have done plenty as well, never any problems.
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