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South East \  Need air ride help in Norfolk!`

Need air ride help in Norfolk!`

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Justice66   +1y
Hey everyone im new to the forum and looking to learn alot. I just bought a 99 explorer that was air bagged. it had alot of work done to it and i know nothing about this stuff. It needs alot of work just to make it safe. i will show some pics so you can see what im working with.First the wiring job is terrible.I order a new Pressure switch since the one on the tank wasnt hooked up and i didnt know if it was functional. The compressors power wire are just taped to a run of 0 gauge thats hooked to a switch.I think i need a new tank since the current one is shooting rust out of the valves.

Under the car is another mess in its self.Bronken welds on the bag mounts and C-notchFlatened out mono leaf when dropped. I was told that this is bad.The NotchDriver side setupThe bag mount is bolted to this angle iron.Upfront just a bag no shocks. When i let the air out it drops all the ways down quick. i don't like that need to fix it.Here is the expo up and down.

I hope all the pictures help im just trying to get it on the road. So if you have any input on how to fix all these issue let me know. I'm having all my welds fix tomarrow and im thinking about putting lowering leaf spring in the back it they will work. i got the expo because it had low miles and was a good deal so i need to fix what i have now for a reasonable price. Thanks for you input-Jon
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weave   +1y
Sorry I don't know of any reputable shops in that immediate area but it does look like you need some help. You could put the lowering leaf springs on there but it wouldn't sit as low as it does now. I would look into some kind of link system for it. Definitely getting the welds straightened out will help a lot and you seem to know some about wiring. I would say that you could probably tackle the wiring and clean up the air lines yourself to save some time and money. If there is rust shooting out then yeah, I would replace the tank and add some water traps while your there. As far as the front goes, the quick drop is because of the valves, if you don't like the speed you could switch out the dumps for smaller valves...the shocks are a good idea to for ride quality. Hope that helps some and good luck man.
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drpitlo   +1y
We do air ride stuff here. We are located in richmond right by the airport if you wanna get it here or have any questions you can give us a call. We will be closed tuesday thru saturday to go to sema but hopefully we can help you out. Thanks Bobby
Superior Auto Works LLC
5717 Charles City Cir
Richmond Va 23231
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IM_SAYIN   +1y
hey bro im right here in va beach... i can take care of whatever you need... shoot me a text 757 748 0720
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Justice66   +1y

IM_SAYIN said:

hey bro im right here in va beach... i can take care of whatever you need... shoot me a text 757 748 0720

--------------------------------------------Thats great i will hit you up when the hurricane passes.

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down4life   +1y
Baddline Customs Collision and motorsports
1013 Queen Street
Portsmouth, Virginia 23707

Phone (757) 373-6253
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