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slamedb22 avatar
slamedb22   +1y
Soo what's the best compressor setup too go with for a 7gallon tanks
Rigo avatar
Rigo   +1y
I would say an AZ for that big of a tank if you want a quick refill
tre5 avatar
tre5   +1y
I ran a Viair 480 Dual Pack to a set of 7 gallons on the last dually I did. It filled up fairly quick. I was running 200 psi on the accuair pressure switch.
slammedxonair avatar
slammedxonair   +1y
For 7 gallons a Viair 380 dual pack would be the maximum volume I would really recommend, followed by a 444 dual pack and a 480 dual pack (both have very similar CFM ratings and amp draw. Or AZ OB2 is also an option, I prefer Viair, I sell them probably 99-1 AZ
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