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Help finding a kmc ss 24

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teckn9ne   +1y
Does anyone know where I can find ONE kmc SS 24" wheel, six lug with high offset??? I just broke one and I LOVE these wheels, can someone help me out PLEASE!!!!
teckn9ne   +1y
Come on guys! Bump
phat phabrikationz   +1y
Hahahahahaha ooops
railkng   +1y
i can try calling a buddy of mine at Wheel pros. send me an email
teckn9ne   +1y
sandog   +1y
wheel pros is the distributor for kmc. There are no ss wheels anywhere in their warehouses, displays or blems. Good Luck, this wheel was discontinued several years ago. Your going to have to do some searching. Be weary of online places saying they have it until you confirm with a person they have the wheel. Alot of them will say in stock on their website, then when they cant get it, they will try and send you something you dont want, or charge you a 20 percent restock fee.
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