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noclrnce   +1y
Long story short....I got hosed by the shop that was building my van. Does anyone have any pics or tips on how to lay out the front?
noclrnce   +1y
Can someone at least tell me what and where I need to cut?
donobird   +1y
Try Trevor Napp on fb. He will know.
noclrnce   +1y
Doesnt exist
Diesel1382   +1y
Get with Dru Fon Folks on FB, he had a bodied Astro.
Tell him Diesel the central FL chapter head said he could help.
heightz   +1y
Edited: 8/14/2012 9:20:15 PM by IFABSTUFF

c notch and link the rear, get the front to lay frame, cut anything that rubs bags or holds you up, cut and z the frame at the firewall. And it will lay body
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