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Need help with tire size

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bigredchevy   +1y
Ok so I have these 24 s and they have 305 35 24 tires on them and there like damn balloon tires what is the smallest low pro I can go
Lockone   +1y
275/25/24, 255/30/24, 285/40/24, 295/40/24, 305/40/24
Those are the most common sizes in 24s from the smallest to the largest.
groundscr8pr   +1y
295/35/24 on a 10inch rime is a real nice fit with a good amount of sidewall.. i run the kumhos on my tahoe.
bones9969   +1y
I run Nitto 420S on my 22" wheels I have a 2003 Ford F150 Crewcab and of all the brands these have lasted the longest out of all others. The inside tread is made of harder rubber for less wear because of camber and the outter is softer for more grip cornering. I run the 285/40/22 so its not ballon tires but still has enough sidewall to help not curb check.
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