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WCN 2012?

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AON-4PumpedCL   +1y
Curious if there is any info on this show yet? Will it even happen? I heard rumors that last year was going to be the final WCN. Hope it's just a rumor...

tre5 avatar
tre5   +1y
No WCN 2012. The Severed in So Cal show took over that weekend though.
01lowtaco avatar
01lowtaco   +1y
im gonna miss not being on the river in the end of September
SSM-BobHase avatar
SSM-BobHase   +1y
We have decided not to have the event this year for two reasons. First there was $5300.00 in damage that I'm still trying to pay off. The other reason is if we do it again we want to move it into April. Maybe so its not so Fing hot. I was there in fact on Tuesday. It was 89 at noon much nicer than 120 it did not feel like you were on the surface of the sun. The park is coming along nicely the Pirates Den area they have done a lot I took pictures I will post them later.
Slappy Mc Nasty avatar
Slappy Mc Nasty   +1y
was it normal "weart and tear" on the grounds or people abusing it? if its moved to April, competing w/ Dangerzone would be the only draw back i can see there but the weather change would be insane.
(SIDE NOTE). did the whole "reso-rection" idea happen to fall thru? i have had people asking if i have heard any word and since the last thread hasnt had much info i was curious as to what you may have on it to update. APPRECIATE IT BOB!!!
SSM-BobHase avatar
SSM-BobHase   +1y
The damage that was done could of been prevented but they would not listen. There is always going to be events that are around the same time we just work hard to keep them off the same weekend. About Resorrection I was out on Tuesday of this week looking at two locations waiting to here back from the one we really liked.
AD_Charlie avatar
AD_Charlie   +1y
Hope you heard back from one of the locations with a POSITIVE answer :)
SSM-BobHase avatar
SSM-BobHase   +1y
Still no answer
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