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405/25/24 Tires.....HELP

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DeepSouthS10   +1y
Just bought some new wheels and i need to run 405/25/24's on them but recently found out that pirelli was the only company that made them but they have discontinued them. The only place i can find them is ebay where they are $725/ea. If thats really how much they cost thats fine but i just wanted to be sure i wasn't way over paying. Any help would be great. Thanks.
DeepSouthS10   +1y
upon further research i found them at performance plus tire for 400/ea and the place seems to have a good reputation. probably gonna go with them.
DeepSouthS10   +1y
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double post
matt hit up joel at thd
bagged08   +1y
I bought mine through Tire Rack and got the matching fronts too all for $1,400 shipped
bagged08   +1y
Sorry i just looked at the receipt and it was $1,500 shipped for all 4.
DeepSouthS10   +1y
thanks potter i'll hit him up. i totally forgot about that place. hardluck13, that's actually the first place i looked because a friend of mine has a wholesale account but they are the ones that told me pirelli discontinued them.
dbldub01   +1y
Just about any place in TX can get them, they are common around Houston these days. I know Drops R Us could get them for sure and I've heard a few other places keep them in stock, last time I was at Ekstensive they had a few laying around.
DeepSouthS10   +1y
Yeah I figured drops r us would know something so I posted something on their Facebook wall but never heard anything from them.
tlw32882   +1y
wierd it wasnt that long ago that I emailed perelli and asked if they discontinued this tire because I heard the same thing and they said no