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Looking for some pics

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881ton   +1y
I recently got a quote back to bag the Dually. The drop im going for is not to lay frame but get as low as possible with out cutting into the bed too much, all on say 19"'s

quote to bag her came back at around $6000 parts and labor. Personally I think thats a high I mean im not looking to lay her out just get low when parked. I also had them quote a static drop which was about 1000-1300 parts and labor.

before I decided if I want to go static im looking for pics of 88+ duallys with different static lowering hights 4-6,5-8 etc.

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881ton   +1y
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liljlowrider   +1y
too me six grand is high very high.... im sure some of the guys will get some pics up soon
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