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Under the hood 97-03 F-150 pics

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98chevrolaid   +1y
Im helping one of my friends lay out his 98 F-150 on 22's and would like to see some under the hood pics to get some ideas of where yall relocated the battery, fuse box, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
truckwillscrape   +1y
my battery is in my front bumper there was alot of crap we had to do to lay body on 22's we moved the wiring harness on the driver side up thru the cowl to clear the tires and the pass side computer that comes thru the firewall i had to turn it sideways and move it towards the motor to clear the tub and tire. plus i had to extend the wires to my mass air flow sensor and flip my intake over to the pass side.

post photo
post photo
fiver643   +1y
anyone else, i would like to see some pics to.
david lee   +1y
a lot of guys switch their intake on 4.6s to a mustang intake, you have to cut into cowl, keepin pass wiper isnt really possible. i pushed my comp into cab, soem guys put fuse box in wiper cowl where drivers wiper motor/gear was. Another factor is if your just going to factory rocker, or if u cut it to lay flat, bc thats almost another inch, ive seen a few to doors, but its impossible to keep factory hood with stock motor at that point.
Layumon22s   +1y
I spun my intake over to the passengers side. moved my motor up and forward which allowed me to keep all of my wipers. i already had a ram air hood so we cut out the underside to give the motor some more room. if I redid it, I would have just ditched my wipers and been done but at the time I really thought I would be driving my truck a lot more than I do now. I'll try to snap some pics tomorrow and post them up. It isn't pretty under there but it gets the job done.
christianity   +1y
Sorry to dig up the thread. But any more pics and options would be great
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