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Mitsubishi truck and Nissan rim questions

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IronHyde   +1y
Hi all,

I am looking at putting some new rims on my Mistubishi L200 double cab (Same as the US Mighty Max except factory double cab).

In the original owners guide it states the following for wheel size:185R14C-8PR, 6JJx14 & 40mm offset. Could somebody tell me what this Mighty Max below is rolling on, i have figured out they are Nissan Terrano rims but they look bigger than 15"?

Here are some Nissan Terrano wheels I have found in NZ but they look smaller than on the truck above...

Also, does anybody know if the Terrano rims will fit an unmodified L200 (Mighty Max) as mine has 2" blocks in the rear and will have some springs to drop the front end around 30mm.

And i did get this picture of this site, if the owner wants me to take them down then I shall do so.
bdydrppup   +1y
Those are 15" nissan pathfinder wheels. they will fit any of the 6 lug minis. Not sure if a pathfinder and your terrano are the same vehicle
droppedmitsu   +1y
As said they are 15" Nissan Pathfinders(suv). They will fit on your l200 no problem
IronHyde   +1y
Thank you for the confirmation.

Another question has come about however. My current tyre size is 205/70/14 which when going to a 15" rim is around 235/55/R15 to get a similar rolling distance. I can't find any common tyres in this size.

The truck above must have a lower profile tyre choice with modified gear and/or diff ratios? Would this be correct?
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