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What valves to use now.

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Hey All just wondering what you guys are using for valves as I had one of my SMC(3/8" ports) valves take a dump and the shop I bought them from closed the doors when times got hard and when I got a hold of the SMC dealer close to me he said the valve was no longer made and no rebuild kits or anything else like that any where. I was really shocked by that as the valves are not really all that old about 4 years ago is when I got them new. So I'm either looking at Parker,Asco,GC Extreme might look at brand new SMC depending on what they have with good parts supply. I'm going to need 8 of them and maybe even buy 1 or 2 extra just to be on the safe side or even a couple of rebuild kits. Thanks for any help Guys.
shrobs187   +1y
smc's blow i have never had them but all my friends that run them have nothing but problems asco or parker is the way to go ran asco's for 2+ years and they only froze once and it was because they were right on top of the bag on my bag over axle it rained that night and was below freezing and it was first thing in the morning when they were as soon as the warm air started building they worked tits parkers ran for less time but also had zero problems
slammedxonair   +1y
I sell more SMC than anything, it is also what I have ran on my own trucks for about the past 8 years. I run them through the winter had them caked with snow on my daily and everything. But with any air system you need to keep clean dry air in it for valves to work correctly. I put an inline oiler after my water trap before the tank and fill it with air brake antifreeze and the valves never stick all winter long. It really does not take much antifreeze at all to keep the system from sticking. Is your current valve just sticking or now working at all? if its sticking I would suggest pulling it apart and cleaning it to make sure nothing is plugging up the diaphragm up. SMC did redesign the valves a couple years ago.
The diaphragm has a hole in it.The air system is. Well taken care of I have water traps and all in my system. I spoke to SMC today they do not have any in the USA it has to come from Japan. I have to order them from my dealer here in Canada and he told me 6 months before he see's them and that is just way to long for me. The model is a VXD 2130 with 3/8 NPT in and out and has the 10 mm orifice
.He says that is a very odd valve that seems odd to me as I was on the Thornbecke Bros website and they showed them but from what I understand they close the doors so I'm not sure how much truth there is to that as I did not call the number listed.
draggin20s   +1y
Did you say thorbros is closing? Source of such said...
markmnotdead   +1y
accuair vu4 manifold... best valves around. they are pricey but definitely worth the money..
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