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VA peeps?

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d0it   +1y
Hey guys, my name is mike "d0it". Im a minitrucker in =SunSet= SD chapter, and I just recently moved out to Virginia ( near dc) and I cannot find anybody out here. Are there any clubs or people that I could meet so I don't feel like I'm alone. It suck being the only one out here so far. Thanks for any help, suggestions, or yourself in finding some people. Here is a pic of my truck
drpitlo   +1y
fredricksburg people hang out at the quaker steak
Getbored Designs   +1y
what up man
john from no regrets in maryland
im about 45 mins from dc.

weave   +1y
I'm in MD too, about 30-40 min south of D.C. There use to be a site, but I haven't checked in awhile.
dumpednshaved   +1y
Im in winchester but work in sterling which is about the same as everyone else. Biggest thing around here is chik fil a meets on friday nights in sterling. Manassas has a big turn out too by the burger king. Hardly any minitrucks though.
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