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Lowered cummins need help

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low tow   +1y
Hey guys I have a 2005 dodge 2500 that is lowered 4/6 on 22s and since I put drop springs in,it the front end has been super quishy and bounces alot after hitting dips in the highway causing the front tires to rub, the shocks seem to be in good shape and are not very old, is there any tricks to stiffening up a front end? A friend of mine was telling me about some rubber block type things you can put between the actual coils on the spring to stiffen them up any one heard of that? Thanks for any help
Scoobysmak   +1y
Edited: 1/5/2012 7:08:08 AM by Scoobysmak

I am going to go out on a limb here and guess but I have a few questions for you at the same time. I do not think the drop springs are rated for the weight of a cummins engine. It probably is twice the weight of a gas motor. My questions are about the kit, was it for a 1500 or a 2500 and did they specify any particular engine option for the kit. You might look at a kit for the 3500 if they make it, I don't think there is much difference in the front, I believe the rear only added helper springs to increase the towing/cargo capacity. I would double check that as I am not positive about it but that is my thoughts. Even if they make a kit for the 3500 it doesn't mean it can hold the weight but I figure you might have a better chance of finding a kit that would.

About adding the a rubber block(s), I think eventually the springs will give out anyway. It might make a temp solution but that is not what I would fix. If you plan on towing with the truck I would suggest against it. The extra stress that towing causes may put you in a bad situation. I could see you hitting a pothole and well the springs rebound kinda weird and oops your in the ditch and got pushed in by a trailer. The only thing even close to that that I have seen is these little clamps that go between the springs but I have seen too many fall out. I think most of the ones I saw were used to compress the spring and not rasie it but again it wouldn't be my choice.

This is going the extreme route but at this point you might think about bagging the front. They probably make a bag that can take the weight (18 wheelers have bags). This is if you can't find a kit for your truck.
gimp5561   +1y
noone makes a drop kit for a cummins 3500 trust me i have looked for years
low tow   +1y
Yes it is actually a 3500 drop kit that came off of a dually that got bagged. I'm not real sure what brand my kit is but it appears to be djm by the powder coating. And chassis tech makes drop arms uppers and lowers coils and flip kits if u dare to give them a shot
bagged08   +1y
Pics? Sounds like a nice truck
low tow   +1y

post photo
cookiemonster13   +1y
no wonder your tires rub your wheels dont tuck.
low tow   +1y
Yea the defiantly don't tuck but I couldnt find an 8 lug wheel with more offset than these had
sledneck91604   +1y

low tow said:


What are the spec of your rims? I know Xd has some 9.5" width with +30 offset, they just dont like to build them..
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low tow   +1y
They are 22x9.5 18mm