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helpful idea for all show trucks and cars

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barsgsxr   +1y
the last couple of years i put my tahoe in for the winter and it makes a great christmas gift hiding spot my son or wife never find thier packages and my wife is a snooper always try to find her gifts before the big day jus thought i would let all you in on my lil hiding spot merry xmas
project94   +1y
As long as its parked in the garage, thieves know that trick, my neighbor has had his stuff jacked the last couple years.
Jcfreeman0   +1y
Thats exactly how I hide our presents too. Its in my bed under the cover. I keep my truck in the garage though so no worries about thieves.
barsgsxr   +1y
yeah its in the garge they walk by it all the time
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