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C-10 Dropmember

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down4life   +1y
I been looking @ Dropmembers for like 4 weeks dont know what one to go with

Porterbuilt DropmemberP-51 Crossmember kit from Thorbecke Bros Chassis Tech C10 DROP MEMBER- i would like your opinion Thanks
railkng   +1y
Thorbecke Bros...never had any issues been buying parts for 5+ years....
jeebus @ mmw   +1y
Dont waste your time with anyone else besides the origional Porterbuilt Dropmember. All the others are just copies of what Nate at porterbuilt designed.

I bet he sells the Dropmember 10 - 1 vs the SD P-51 unit.

On top of all that, usually its only a 2 week wait from porterbuilt as well at the most.

blazn   +1y
Porterbuilt is the best!!! Go with the original! He has a great product and great customer service!

tlw32882   +1y
Porter built hands down! nobody has put the time into their drompmember like he has. I also talked with him a while back about running 24s with it and he said he could make it happen. TB wont work with you on that kind of stuff. there product is what it is, no consideration of redesigning for what you need. nate will do that kind of stuff.
tre5   +1y
Porterbuilt! Awesome product and just as important... awesome guy to work with!
maz duh   +1y
I would go with Nate at PB, he is the original AND has made continual upgrades to his product as the years have passed to keep it at the front of the pack.
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