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Amp wont turn on...

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ctizzle31   +1y
I took my subs out one day to change a flat tire.. After putting everything back in my amp wouldnt turn on. I tested it and it has 12v with the key off and only 3v with the key on. The remote wire has 10+v with the key on. what seems to be the problem. I've recently changed out my wires and my fuse block. the ground is solid to the chassis.. what else could be the problem. Thanks
KRZYTRN02   +1y
what kind of amp is it ?? it maybe in protect mode if something is wrong with your sub or wiring
Marcos_65   +1y
Did you check the fuse on the amp?
ctizzle31   +1y
Its a rocksford 600, and all the fuses are good.. the protect light doesnt come on. when the key is on the only light thats on is the one on the remote gain
simple-pleasurez   +1y
sure its the amp? sounds more like the headunit. if its not sending enough power for your remote turn on. try another amp to make sure
draggin95niss   +1y
check your ground....and also if its a glass fuseholder make sure it clamps th efuse tight, and also the glass fuses are bad about popping on the ends and it will look good....
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