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Does anyone know if this is real?

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Von Drag   +1y
I know this is probably only my third post on here but I know the builder of this truck is on here, is this real? Fresno craigslist 3,850 hell of a deal if it is.
JD Drops   +1y
No its not real
simple-pleasurez   +1y
this dude is out of ohio.... unless he sold it to someone in cali i seriously doubt its for real
simple-pleasurez   +1y
and now that i look at his profile here.... they used the same pics as he has on streetsource..
Von Drag   +1y
yea I noticed that too seems like a weird scam to put your cell number on, the info matches the pictures, not trying to be nosey just wanting to flag it if it's not real so no one gets scammed. Seriously beautiful truck
simple-pleasurez   +1y
its probably someone making you call someone elses number.

funny story. we pranked i guy i work with by putting his number in the gay personal ads. he said he got so many calls he had to shut his phone off until he was able to click the flag button and it deleted it. He estimated over 100 phone calls. kinda disgusting...

jetts   +1y
the truck is real, its super badass... but its on the east coast. the wheels cost more then the fake craiglist for it in cali
jeebus @ mmw   +1y
Jason freeman still owns it from ohio. Its not in cali. and not that cheep.

2001x   +1y
4.8 huh....looks to me like an LS motor haha.
Von Drag   +1y
haha yea, I guess I'll go put 3850 back in my bank account now