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Doug Starbuck

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Like2fightfire   +1y
What ever happen to Doug Starbucks? He use to be big in the scene!
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slamnscotte   +1y
I am friends with him on the facebook. He owns Starside designs now in Riverside CA. Still does damn good work just won an award at SEMA I think.
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Like2fightfire   +1y
What's he listed under on fb? Yes he does good work he painted and sponsored my s10 blazer.
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strbux   +1y
I just saw this the other day and have been trying to get in here. Even with a user and password. Finally. Im in.

Im still here and doing my thing. I sold Starbucks back in 2000 and was on a 2 year no compete. After that I started toying with cars and bikes again. Not like I really gave it up, just have to say I did! LOL !! I started Star Side Design in 2003. Picked up a motorcycle account and grew really fast. Since then the motorcycle accts have all but dryed up and I find myself just working on Muscle Cars for the most part. Still do motorcycles here and there. But very rarely do I get to do Minis.

I stepped out of the mini scene back in 1998. The kids were destroying parks and it just wasnt fun to go anymore. I still walk around the shows once in a while. Every once in a while I run across someone that knows me or I had done work for at a truck show. But its been a while.
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baggedmitsu   +1y
I remember leaving Stage 1 Customs sometime around 1997 and driving by your shop. I was blown away and told myself I needed a Starbucks paint job. I still do ;) lol
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