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20 x 8.5 on a Hardbody

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Kelly R   +1y
I've been on many forums here lately asking what backspace I need to run on my Nissan Hardbody with the factory 6 lug front and rear axle. It is bagged and body dropped to the pinch. I am wanting to order my wheels and I want to be sure I get it right.
Rob Clayhill   +1y
Call up Intro wheels, they have a handy sheet they can fax to you with all of the crucial measurments to get the proper back spacing that you will need so you know they will fit instead of just taking somebody else's word for it.
unusualfabrication   +1y
I'm bagged and bodied to the rocker running 20x8.5 with a +40 offset and 245/35/20 tires. I have 4wd fenders in the front and all the wheel openings are rolled and smoothed so the tires don't have anything to catch on. A little more offset, or less width, would be good but its the most I could find at the time (without going to a billet wheel).
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