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jakeb1388   +1y
anyone know if B.A.D wheels are still available to buy new?
Rob Clayhill   +1y
Good luck with that bro. nobody really seems to know whats up with jason, wether he is or is not still producing his stuff but honestly id go else where due to the customer service we got after having to harass him for almost 6 months of placing our order without even getting a response from him. Just say no to BAD
jakeb1388   +1y
well damn, that sux, they made some B.A.Dass wheels
dumpednshaved   +1y
They made sick wheels. Like stated, problem was customer service. It was horrible as many will tell you. I'm sure they are good people but cs was just bad. I know he had another job and this was a side thing but that shouldn't matter. Would love to see them make some more wheels because I would order a set in a heartbeat.
xgolferdude   +1y
no longer in biz... too bad too
tuckinlugs06   +1y
yeah sucks they are not making wheels anymore sure if they knew how many people were looking for their product then they would start making wheels again ...or someone should see if they could buy the buisness or patents so someone can make the designs ...there is a market for their designs ...but someone could also copy them just change the design a little ...i would love one of there billet steering wheels ..will never happen unless i have someone make on like theres or they open back up
low mazda   +1y
back in the day I had the money to buy a set of 19s from them, and did some research, but coulcdn't get ahold of them! Sucked, I wish I could have got my hands on a set.
lowrthnu92   +1y
I guess i got lucky, got my wheels when the BAD guys were active on the site. My customer service was great actually.

His main business is making parts for the oil/gas industry. From what i understand they designed all their products but the only thing they actually made in house was steering wheels, rim designs were sent to other companies to wheels came from Bonspeed
Uncle Fester   +1y
Crap if they are out of business gonna have to be gentle on Time Machine's wheels :DOH:
GraphicDisorder   +1y
My one off wheels were bought from BAD but cut by Bonspeed/MHT.

Jason and crew are great people. I think they were overwhelmed and things got complicated quickly for a lot of people.