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86 Crew cab C10 "full frame build"

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snoopy1750   +1y
This is 1986 crew cab truck that I bought in Arizona and sent it to Porterbuilt's for a full fame build. The plans are to build a full round tube frame that will have a c-4 corvette rear end and Nate's front end. The truck will lay the rockers on 26" MHT 3 piece wheels with 275/25/26 tires. The truck will have accuair for the air ride. The front end will be converted to a 73 round eye with all NOS parts that I picked up from a good friend. I have the brakes on order from Baer and they are going to be their Extreme-Plus with 16" rotors and their 6r calipers. I'm trying to work a deal now to put a twin turbo small block Chevy in it with a 6 speed.
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jeebus @ mmw   +1y
bout as awesome as it gets!

Cannot wait to see this one done!

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2LOW4U   +1y
Looks like it is going to be a nice build...Keep us updated on progress.
Gonna Be Sikkk!!
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djleighk15   +1y
Sick....Gotta love them crew cabs
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xgolferdude   +1y
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artsar   +1y
I love this model truck. Its going to be sick on 26s. Keep it up
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lmdguy   +1y
very nice! I like that your putting the round headlamp front end on it
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truckzilla   +1y
Man that is going to be a sweet ride. I see that cost is not a factor. I am so envious! A rendering and everything! Keep us posted on progress.