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Running 2 batteries! Help me!

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bodydropped720   +1y
Ok, well i didn't know where to post this bc it's a general electrical question, and in my situation I'm not really using it for audio/video. I want to run the ususal under the hood battery & one in my hatch. I've heard people say that it's good & that it's a huge strain on the alternator. I would assume that it's a little of both. Obviously I'm going to run an upgraded atlernator. Will this setup be ok? Lets say a normal off the shelf bat up front and a deep cycle optima in the back w/ some huge cable on it + my high amp alt? I am doing this to wire up my 2 480s in a 90 burban, which is a long ass vehicle. I don't want to run a mile of calbe all over my truck but I want a reliable amount of juice. Thanks guys!
n2bnlow   +1y
As long as you install a 2 battery isolator, you"ll be fine. In the directions, it will tell you how to wire it. You should consider upgrading the "Big three". You can Google it, and you'll get all the information you need. ;)

cookiemonster13   +1y
he is right, upgrade grounds to 0 gauge battery cables to the same and upgrade the alternator. the one thing i will tell you is DO NOT BUY AN OPTIMA. buy two good interstate batteries or kinetics. it will be well worth it. if you buy a battery isolator someof them will give you a choice of running the batteries together or sperate. that way your compressors will never kill both batteries and such. you can buy an isolator from jegs or summit for cheap or ebay. buy welding cable for ground and power wire. it is cheaper than stereo shop power cable and it is thicker sheathing
BIGJEFF64   +1y
u dont really need the isolator and running 2 total batteries in the vehicle will not put a strain on ur alt as long as it can charge 13.8 or more at idle and its of sufficient amps anything 60 amps and up will work fine without upgrading as long as ur not using it for audio as u stated. if u r thinking about running car audio then yes upgrade the alt and as stated above i would stay away from optima and run XS or Kinetic
Rob Clayhill   +1y
Like mentioned above upgrade to the big 3 Preferrably with 1/0 gauge wire or welding cable to carry the current through your vehicle to the rear.
and never run 2 batteries of different age or type such as wet cell combined with a atm type battery. As this will significantly reduce the life of the
Upgrading your alternator is always a great idea but not necessary in all cases.
Also you do not have to use an isolator it's up to you.

I'm running two xs power batteries in parallel, 1 under the hood and 1 behind the driver seat(gotta run an extra ground to frame from the rear batth)
without an isolator and it's been fine... both getting juice from a 280 amp dc power alt.

Also never run a wet cell battery in the cabin of your vehicle as it can release gases and cause health issues, for your information.
i ran 2 xs power batteries in the back of ford expedition for over 3 years without any problems, Do the big 3, make sure have good grounds, I ran an xs up front, and 0 gauge to the back 2 batts. I didnt use an isolator either, stock alternator
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