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Dually Projects \  repost of my Hydraulics

repost of my Hydraulics

Dually Projects
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dj rolie polie avatar
dj rolie polie   +1y
oldskewlkool avatar
oldskewlkool   +1y
f**kin sweet man love it and the tat
biggboy avatar
biggboy   +1y
what size are your front tires??by the way nice dually...
mazberrydelight avatar
mazberrydelight   +1y
i just got wood , badass truck
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
haha.. look, i took them pix
that shit is in front of my house
mark avatar
mark   +1y
looks purty good
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
notice the full caddy interior... heh
what fun to put those in.
98crewcab avatar
98crewcab   +1y
Nice truck,Nice color....
just one question...not trying to be funny...
whats in pic 9 and 10 in the rear of the truck?
It looks like a kick stand holding the rearend up?
billy t. avatar
billy t.   +1y
Hydraulic shackles... dope.
98crewcab avatar
98crewcab   +1y

good answer,I am looking a the web site on my 14 inch monitor and didnt see the other shackle..thanks
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