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24x10" wheels

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teckn9ne   +1y
Hey guys I'm wanting to know the physical dimensions of a 24x10" wheel with a 275/30/24 tire on it and around a +13mm offset. I know it should be around 30.5" tall, and I can draw everything up according to the numbers I pull off the internet into a CAD program, but I'd much rather know the actual dimensions, How wide the wheel is or the tire if it sticks out, what the backspace is (ie: if the tires stick out still yet measure with a straightedge across the tires to the mounting surface of the wheel). I'm trying to set my truck up for big boy wheels without going out and buying them! thanks for the help guys
riddinlow99   +1y
I use this website its great gives you everything you need
bigjon   +1y
1010tire got a great calculator
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