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5on5 wheels (jeep/chevy)

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SubCulture S10   +1y
Will the new Jeep wrangler 18's that are 5on5 lug fit my 1993 chevy suburban 2wd 5on5 dailydriver?

I can get a awesome deal on a set of rims/tires for CHEAP and i need new tires anyways, so im wanting to make sure. I believe they will just wanting to make sure im not the only one
Lockone   +1y
The center bore/hub bore of the Jeep wheel is going to be too small for your Suburban. The Jeep wheels should have a CB of 71.5mm and the Sub will be 78.1mm. Also the offset of the Jeep wheels will be 35mm and you Sub needs around a 15mm (wheels will sit inward too far).

Hope that helps. If you wanted to run these you could use a 5to5 spacer and make it happen.
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