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Who to buy Boyds from

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dirtyhoe   +1y
What is the best place to buy from. It has been a little while since I bought a set and I have been waitng for centerline to send me my wheels for 5 months and I m just done with the whole deal so any help from you guys would really help me keep my hair
xgolferdude   +1y
you can call them directly... thats what i did...
avs_jason   +1y
Scott's Hot Rods I think is a dealer for them...
e10pvmt   +1y
I believe Dave is still a dealer for them...knows the guys personally
Tucn20s   +1y
Hey man, I'm a dealer - The Wheel Stop - been dealing with them for 10+ years and know them all quite well. Just delivered a custom gloss black ceramic F-22's to a customer 2 weeks ago. Hit me up if you want 407-474-0208 or

Dave Shulman
CommonVan   +1y
i agree. we had to switch to raceline for a customer couldnt get any answers for thirteen weeks on a set.
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