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Fiberglass help- beginner

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bigjon   +1y
I want to build a glass box and wondering what weight mat do I need? I kinda got the basics but any insight helps!!!
bouoy   +1y
you said a glass box ? I would use a fleece on the top side and use a chopper gun on the underside to give it some extra. Here is a link to a Forum that deals with tons of audio stuff. SMD
baggedsilverado   +1y
u should go to they have everythingu will ever need to know about doing it and a bunch of different ways of doing it
Afro   +1y
Fiberglassforums have taught me a ton of handy things. Just go, register and browse around. Whatever questions you may have will more than likely already be answered on there.
i8nt2lo   +1y
Amen to that.
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