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Bad polishing experiance, need some info

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soccorjimmy   +1y
I had my Centerline Smoothies professionally polished, now there is a haze on all of them. At night they look like they are dull and in the sun i can see how he polished them and see all the scratches. I figured they would look like chrome. I was able to get some scratches out using a latex glove and billet polish. Should I take them back. First time dealing with billet in a long time. Thanks for any info. JIMMY
gonz   +1y
use some mothers billet polish and hand polish every one of them yourself. thats what i did with mine and they all looked better than chrome. looked like 4 mirrors.
Layumon22s   +1y
if you paid anything other than FREE you should take them back. If he doesn't want to do anything, hopefully you put it on a credit card and you could dispute the charges. Next time save the cash, buy a mothers powerball and some of their billet polish and go to town once you've cleaned them up with soap and water. If you have the time, take them off the truck so they are easier on your back/knees to get done. This will also allow you to do the back side of the rim.
groundedbigbody   +1y best polish on the face of this earth and super easy to use and comes with sealer
bodydropped85   +1y
do you know if there is a local keystone shop near you? i know my buddy works in the wheel department and they have this big fancy automated polisher.
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