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Wheel Questions \  Has anyone ever seen this before?!

Has anyone ever seen this before?!

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Diesel1382   +1y
Dunno how to post videos.Thought this was pretty cool.
slow50   +1y
ya but its not a great idea. back in the day when i was into lowriders i always had my tires shaved but i would always get bubbles on the white walls. but then again i had hydros so that might have put a little extra stress on the tires.
Diesel1382   +1y
Really... well damn. I was thinking about trying this on my spare and ridin it for a while to see if the outcome was decent. but the bubble factor has me a little concerned now.
BankruptRam   +1y
We've done a few sets that way with no problems. Hopping with hydros could bubble any tire. You're shaving a hair off the side. As long and its not baja racing or drifting you'll be fine.
rooster52478   +1y
I've done it before because I refuse to pay the $ for Cokers. It worked fine, messy but fine. There isn't much material removed when it's all said and done. I put a ton of miles on these tires and then sold the truck. Last I knew the guy who has it now is still on the same tires.

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