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LS swap into a 88-98 chevy/gmc fullsize truck

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ok my neighbor has a rolled 2002 tahoe and i wana buy it and do a motor swap in to my 94 chevy 1500 that currently has a 350tbi. what are some steps and hints and tricks i will need to do to make it work. also i live in cali so what steps will i have to take to make it street legal
BAGGED90   +1y
it is a really easy swap in that year of a truck. i did one in a 92 with a 6.0. if your good with wiring it will be cake. you can even use all the stock gauges other than the tach. if you get into it i can help you out alot with it. i have a lot of pics on my myspace of the build.
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//nc\\chad thanx but i dont have a myspace i also wana have heat and a/c will that be an isue also what trans do i use and did u buy a swap harness (off subject) but i see you also have a 1500 chevy 4dr s/b 5lug. i have one to its my baby, its my dream come true. how did u do yours i took a ex-cab long bed and made it a 4dr short bed. swapping cabs and beds. i just moved the cab mounts back and had the cab re-vin'd
help pleaz im ready to buy this tahoe and do the swap if i cpoud get some pointers
Marcos_65   +1y
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Thats a basic guild lots of info, some tips for tbi engines.
wow thanx marcos that was awsome man it sucks i have a 94 with a 12pin trany time to do some more snoopin on the neighbors tahoe
if anyone has any other sites or info keep it coming thanx
BAGGED90   +1y
sorry for the delay. yes you can have heat and ac. heat is an east hook up. on the ac if you want it you will have to get a different mount to it puts it out board on the motor cause where it is mounted factory on the motor it will hit the crossmember under the engine. on my swap we used a howell harness with a 4l60 behind it. the harness has a ground, fuel pump, and two ignition wires to hook up just to make it run. thats it. simple. theres a couple other wires for tach and speedo. if your truck is bagged and lays frame you will need to change the oil pan to a camaro oil pan. summitt sales a whole changeover kit for 180. what tranny are you planning on using. for a fuel pump you can go to parts store and just pick up a pump for a 96 and up vortec motor and it will drop in and mount in your sending unit that you have now. and make sure you change the short rubber hose from the pump to out the top of the unit. cause your tbi motor is low psi and the new pump is higher and it will blow it apart. learned the hard way when forgot to do that. you may be able to use the tahoe throttle cable. theres not anything else i can think of at this moment. anothere website to check out is it has a swap section. very helpful.
my 4 door was built and havent figured how it was vin'd. but it passes. lol i bought it built in that configuration. it has a suburban frame under back to the center of the rear doors and then welded a truck clip to it. all mounts lined up like factory. now what makes mine screwy is the cab come off a hd truck cause of the cab lights and gauge cluster was a diesel cluster. but it was vin'd as a 97 ext cab. and not a thing on that truck was 97. lol butit all passed inspections. anything else let me know
jc   +1y
BAGGED90 so I'm doing an ls swap but I don't understand what to do with the stock pcm wiring on my 1992 chevy 4.3 in order to get the gauges etc to work. if you can help me out thanks.
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