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my fathers day present

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gixxer750   +1y
Heres what my kids got me for Fathers day
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gixxer750   +1y
heres what I got myself for fathers day. Long story but after getting screwed for 4 hours at the Chevy dealer, I went to the ford dealer next door and left an hour later wih this.

2006 Lariat Super Duty Turbo diesel, most of the bells and whistles. Left the dealership with a 20 foot enclosed trailer so it started its life off as a tow pig. Only drove it once w/o the trailer but it seems to drive pretty nice.
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guilty by design   +1y
Front end looks goofy, but nice. Should be able to pull anything.
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maz89   +1y
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bdydrped   +1y
looks like a baby f550..... now lay that bitch out..... sorry ya got stuck with a ford though
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pig rig   +1y

You know why you were out of the ford dealer so quick?

Thay wanted you gone before you changed your mind because thay don't want to be stuck with it

just shitten yea but there is a larg gap between the tire and the fender well that you need to do something with
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low95xlt   +1y
not a bad lil ride, sorry bout your problems at the dealer but welcome and a dually is a dually in my book your a ok with me as long as you drop it
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gixxer750   +1y
the chevy guys had me waiting almost 2 hours just to get approved by financing. And the sales guy couldnt give me a payment, well he did but i knew that was a bs #. They didnt have the truck there, which I knew. An hour after the financing was approved, he told me the truck still hadnt left Miami, and it would be another 2 hours before the truck got there. I hit the roof and the F-bombs went flying. I was in the middle of un-hitching my trailer and I put it back on. I had my whole family there plus my pit bull.

I got some things I want to do, but lowering it will probably wait till I get up to GA permanetly.
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maz89   +1y
yeah, all the saw zaws, welders, grinders, plazma cutter, chop saw, etc. is all up here waiting!!! mmuuuahhahahahaha! don't leave your truck alone!
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liljlowrider   +1y
dam all i got was a card!!!!!!!!!!!! then i had to go mow the dam yard......